Please read our preliminary notifications.


You must be a member of Pelican State Credit union in order to submit an application. If you are not a member please contact us at 800-351-4877. Thank you for applying at Pelican State Credit Union.

To get started you will need to click on the Login button.  You will need to enter your user name and password.  If you do not have one, please click the register now button and register as a user.  Once you have registered you will need to begin completing your mortgage application.  Please complete as much information as possible.  Once you have completed all necessary information, you will click to submit your application.  If you receive a message that you are missing information, your application will not be submitted.  The information must be completed and the application submitted again.  The Mortgage Department will immediately receive your application.  You should be contacted within 24 hours.  If you have any problems, please contact us at 1-800-351-4877 ext 6229.